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Why work with be found 24/7 over other seo agency?

It’s harder than ever to plan, execute, and refine an SEO strategy that gets results. The days where blogging and the occasional ad campaign could land you on the front page of the Google search results are over.

Today, SEO has evolved into a complex strategy made of many moving parts that must work together as a unified brand experience. Brands also need to optimize for new features like voice search and featured snippets and ensure that everything is set up properly on the technical side.

What’s more, factors like authority and credibility are becoming increasingly critical to search performance, which means you’ll also need to include reputation management in your SEO strategy.

Be found 24/7 listens to your business goals, gets to know your brand identity, market, and competitive landscape and uses those insights to develop a custom strategy that gets you where you need to go–and beyond.

Here’s more about what sets us apart from other SEO companies:

Our low employee-to-client ratio means clients get more attention.

Our SEO experts believe that a successful strategy starts with a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges, objectives, and target audience. Keeping our employee-client ratio low, allows us to dedicate more time to each account, allowing us to build out an SEO strategy that aligns with your brand values and audience intent.

Clients are paired with a dedicated specialist who continuously monitors keyword performance, industry trends, and the competitive landscape, so we can quickly identify and act on opportunities as they emerge.

Be Found 24/7 SEO services include weekly or bi-weekly calls

We won’t bill you for service, then drop off the map. We value our client relationships, as they allow us to ensure we’re on the right track and working toward the right objectives.

We’ll let you know how things are going on a weekly or biweekly basis, and explain our processes in accessible terms, not jargon and buzzwords. These regular check-ins ensure clients stay in the loop. We’ll share what’s working, where we can improve, and work together to ensure the strategy is moving in the right direction.

We use comprehensive strategies — and we’ve got the case studies to prove it.

We’re more than an SEO company. When you partner with us, you’ll gain access to a team of experts with a holistic understanding of the digital marketing landscape, and how SEO services integrate with social media, content marketing, public relations, and conversion rate optimization. On the paid side, Be Found 24/7 manages $80M in ad spend annually, making us uniquely positioned to drive results across multiple channels.

If you’d like to see the numbers, we’ll gladly share case studies that prove we’re for real.

Customized and transparent reporting.

One of the most critical factors in choosing an SEO company is how they measure campaign performance. While some SEO companies apply the same generic reports to every account, Be Found 24/7 builds custom reports based on the KPIs that matter most to your organization.

What’s more, we’re always fully-transparent in our reporting, offering regular updates for keyword performance, user behavior, rankings, and website performance. We’ll always keep you in the loop, so you know exactly where your website stands as well as what steps we’re taking to improve performance.

Award-Winning SEO Services with a Proven Track Record

Be Found 24/7 is a highly awarded SEO agency.  Be Found 24/7 is led by expert SEO consultant, Tommy Streat who was recently named one of the Top Rated Search Engine Marketer of the Year.

Boasting 20 expert employees and over 150 clients including Mazda USA, Blue Cross, U-Haul, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Aetna.  Be Found 24/7 is a mainstay on industry lists and has been featured in New York Times, Forbes,  Entrepreneur, and Inc.


Be found 24/7 ’s SEO services offer a comprehensive approach to increasing your website rankings by optimizing on-page performance, backend issues, and developing an SEO-friendly content strategy that speaks to your ideal audience.

We’ll start by fixing the technical errors, ensuring crawlers can easily navigate through your website, so more people can find you. From there, we’ll perform a deep dive using a variety of tools to identify the best keywords in your niche, and help you implement them in a way that drives sales.

Local SEO

For brick-and-mortars, increasing your search performance can dramatically increase the amount of foot traffic to your physical location. With our local business clients, our primary goal is getting them on the map so they can capture more high-intent customers performing “near me” searches.

We’ll first focus our efforts on optimizing your Google My Business profile and establishing consistency across all existing business listings. Once everything is set up correctly, we’ll focus on building citations and developing a review generation strategy for building credibility with customers.


Brand reputation is becoming a bigger piece of the SEO puzzle, thanks to factors like Google’s initiative to fight fake news, and their commitment to serving users the most relevant answers to their questions. Because relevance tends to favor big names, links from high-ranking websites, niche directories, and authoritative sources are key to rising through the search rankings.


For organizations that could use some guidance, Ignite Visibility offers SEO consulting services designed to help clients develop, implement, and optimize an SEO strategy. We’ll audit internal processes, offer recommendations and hands-on support, and provide documentation outlining everything from workflows to metrics to channel-specific strategies.


Our e-commerce SEO services aim to help brands attract qualified customers and set the stage for increased conversions. We’ll address technical issues, optimize descriptions, and improve your internal linking structure to encourage browsing. Additionally, we’ll apply structured markup to help search engines better understand your site, focus on building a memorable brand, and develop a review generation strategy to build consumer trust.

Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization

Digital PR and Link Building

SEO Consulting

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Mobile SEO

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